Blog’s new look – Thanks Pehpot and Kaye!

Merci, Agyamanak, Xie’ Xie’ Ni, Gracias, dankie,  Mahalo,  grazie,  thank you, salamat.

New Year, new look. I can’t thank my Marce Pehpot and Marce Kaye enough for the wonders that they have done to this site.  The colors are  cool and the layout design is apt for the site’s theme. I can’t ask for more. This will certainly inspire me  to update and promote this new site aside from the existing blogs that I have.

Get in touch with these cool moms (now na)  if you are raring to have a nice layout like this one.  ^_^

GT: First crush

I remember the boy, but I don’t remember the feeling anymore. So, Allan ang name ng first crush ko in elementary. I’m trying to remember the kilig feeling pero wala eh. Actually, I don’t even remember his surname. Allan looks feminine. But he’s cute and makinis. I wonder kung natuluyan ‘yon lol. But the first real ‘kilig’ feeling that I had was when I got a crush on my classmate in first year high school. His name was Aldrin. He was also my first admirer back then. He’s not good-looking and I’m also taller than him, but he was polite and of course good in math. We never became an item because I was not allowed to entertain suitors or have a boyfriend at 13. I’m sure you know the feeling when you exchange glances and smiles. Wala pa pong holding hands non. O, hon I know you will read this, don’t get jealous ha lol. I remember he (Aldrin) gave me a Christmas card during our class party. After reading it, I requested our class adviser to keep it for me. I’m afraid that my mother will find out about it. If things work out then, Aldrin could be my first boyfriend.  We remain good friends until I transferred to another school. ‘Yun na. Kayanin ko pa kaya yung susunod na mga themes, Marce Niko? hehe.