Start saving water now

With the looming water crisis to hit the greater Metro Manila area, experts have cautioned the public to start conserving water. Whether you have a small or big household its best to minimize water consumption and if possible save up for water containers like stainless steel drums just in case rationing of water reach your area. We can do our share to conserve water by recycling water from washing the dishes, clothes and taking a bath to water the plants, flushing the toilet, for cleaning the pavements and for cleaning the car. If you can’t find galvanized drums in your area, you can always look for sturdy plastic drums like the one we bought a few years back.

Registration to the 6th Philippine Blogging Summit opens

Registration to the 6th Philippine Blogging Summit is officially open. The two-day event will commence on April 16 to 17, 2010 at the Malcolm Theater, UP College of Law, UP Diliman, from 8 am to 5 pm.

The event is open to bloggers and business people alike.

The first day (April 16) is targeted for businesses and entrepreneurs wanting to understand how to tap blogs as a medium to promote their products and services. The second day (April 17) is meant for everyone interested about blogging.

Visit the site if you are interested to join as participant or be one of their sponsors. Registration is free.

Some good news

I was finally given a clean bill of health by my doctor, thanks Dr. D. He said all of the tests conducted on my blood sample were top normal. So my worries about having diabetes or kidney problem were gone. But still curious, Dr. D said I should get another urinalysis just to make sure the trace of blood on my urine sample was just part of what was supposed to be my monthly period. Although I did inform the lab personnel that it’s my “first day” just so they will not mistook the discoloration (pardon the graphic description) to something else.

He said I should continue my vitamins and prescribed another medicine to lessen the discomfort and pain on my legs brought by what appears to be swelling vein. It’s not really swelling; I just forgot the term he told me. He said a pair of stocking should be worn to allow the circulation of blood from my legs to the heart.

I asked Dr. D what could be the reason for the numbness and pain on my abdominal and back area, and recently the swelling of my feet. He said it could be that I gain weight and the “heaviness” is taking its toll on my abdomen, back and feet, thus the swelling.

You know what, I knew all along that the long hours of sitting in front of the computer will do more harm than good to me. I remember hubby once told me to give it a break, lessen the time spent in front of the computer, and take a walk (which means exercise). I should learn my lesson now (keeping my fingers crossed). I should be thankful that nothing is wrong with me (based on the blood test) even if I don’t look healthy, but heavy.

Before my birthday next month, I will have a Pap smear and mammography. The idea of mammography test came from my cousin, who is unfortunately operated on to remove her right breast due to cancer. I’ll write a different post about it. Sigh.