Brutally honest

My only sister was shocked to see me like this (big). Instead of giving me a hug after nine months of not seeing each other, she teased me, “Sis, what did you do to make you grow that big?” I didn’t get offended because I know where she’s coming from.

pimplesShe’s also quite concerned about my unusually big pimples. She suggested having my acne treated by a dermatologist. But I said I don’t have enough resources to pay for the services of a skin expert. Besides even if I have the money now, visiting a derma clinic is not in my priority list. What I can afford right now is a cost-effective treatment for adult acne. I know there are a lot of over-the-counter remedies for acne, but I don’t bother to check on one. What I’m using right now is an anti-bacterial facial wash to clean the dirt and oil off my face. That’s just it. But if you can recommend anything to treat my acne using natural ingredients, I would love to hear about it.

She’s slimmer than I thought

maluAfter more than nine months in Macau my sister has successfully shed off a few pounds. She owes it to 30-minute brisk walking every morning and night. She’s also taking a Chinese herbal tea twice a day that induce bowel movement. She said she feels that her fatty deposits were flush out of her system after taking the concoction. She also avoids too much carbohydrate nowadays. She loses about two to four pounds since she started the regimen.

She promised to send me samples of the herbal tea when she go back to work next week. She said I have to try it to see the effect for myself. If it won’t work, I will request her to look for the best fat burner she can find in Macau. She said there are stores there that sell alternative weight loss product.

Covering the beat

What do I miss about it? First off, employees from the government agency where I was assigned to are easy to deal with. They are ready to assist new and old timers covering the beat. They don’t hide important documents more so keep information that will clarify on-going issue(s). They treat reporters as their own family. I admire the past and present heads of the agency because they do their job well and scribes don’t have a hard time interviewing them personally or even through phone patch. I would miss occasions like Christmas when the staff would organize a gathering for all the reporters and correspondents covering the beat. Most of all I would miss the little tokens given by the health chief to remember us during the occasion. Let me recall some of these items. One health secretary (the first lady DOH chief) gave us Pyrex cookware; one health chief (who became a Senator) gave each us  medicinal plant (Neem Tree); one DOH chief gave us generic medicines; personalized-penanother health chief gave us personalized pens (Parker pen in the picture).

I may not have the chance to cover the current health chief, but I’m glad I was able to cover her when she was still the DSWD Secretary. All of them are good story material and they work hard to be where they are right now. Another thing that I will surely miss about my job is free travel! Wee! Not the leisure one, but working while traveling. I was given a chance to be in some places through this agency while on assignment. Most of all I miss writing health stories.