Art books for Naomi


My daughter is looking for contemporary art books on the Internet.  She wants to get some tips on how to properly apply water color to her drawing. The last time we were at the mall she was checking an art book. It’s a bit pricey so she looked for other less expensive art books. She saw two practical guides to drawing animals and portraits. Hubby used his credit card to pay for the items that also include a few pieces of art materials. My daughter was excited to have her first set of art books. When we have extra cash we might buy her guide book to drawing still life and another book that teaches step-by-step exercises to apply water color to drawing. By the way, she is celebrating her 13th birthday on Monday. One of her wishes is to enroll in art classes this summer.


Naomi’s latest drawings

Health insurance

With health authorities sounding the alarm over the health effects of El Nino phenomenon (a climate pattern associated with droughts, floods, and other weather disturbances), you can’t help but worry about your loved one’s health. In cases like this, the first thing that enters your mind is how to prepare for health problem to happen. What if someone gets sick and you are not prepared financially? Hubby and I are thinking of the same thing that’s why we often look for insurance quotes that offer affordable health insurance package for the family. Admit it but when you avail a policy be it health or life insurance, it makes you feel secure knowing you have something to rely on.

Our Ocean Adventure

As promised in my previous post, here’s one of two videos taken from our guided park tour inside the Ocean Adventure (Subic, Olongapo) as part of our school field trip last Feb. 4.

The show held at the Nautilus Theater, features Simba, the popular sea lion member of the Sea Lion Marine Patrol team that teaches kids and adults about the value of 3Rs – reuse, reduce and recycle.

Plastic containers thrown in the sea pollute the water and kill cute sea creatures like Simba.

We were amazed at how Simba was trained to perform such tricks to the audience delight and entertainment. With Simba is co-actor Kuya Randy (the big fellow). (Mauie, thanks)

Watch the video now. Pardon the poor quality of sound.