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In support of my friends Kaye and Pehpot’s contest

Tomorrow, I promised my husband and my kids that I will see our family doctor to check on my swollen feet. I can also feel backache now. I hope this is nothing serious. I hope some medicine will just make all these symptoms go away. I can’t afford to be sick, not when we are cash strapped and my kids are very young to take care of themselves. My husband needs my support also. He’s the only one working for all of us four. Anyway, so much of my personal ramblings.

I’m writing this campaign for my Marces’ ongoing blog contest. I may not be able to write the reviews of the major sponsors to qualify as participant, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be of help to you guys. I will do my best to help promote the contest that will end on Feb. 28. I hope my Marce Kaye and Pehpot will understand me for this (nahihiya nga ako sa inyo guys if you know what I mean). However, I have so many things running on my mind right now including my edema (which I will try to find out the cause by visiting our doctor tomorrow). By the way, I’m one of the sponsors of the said contest.

For you dear readers/visitors out there.  Here’s the cool way to join the biggest blog contest this year. You should be able to blog about the contest. Now to qualify, you should review the major sponsors of the contest. Not only that Pehpot and Kaye are giving away lots of extra paypal cash for those who have finished the requirements ahead of the other participants.




My one true love

How do I describe my one true love? Simple.

He’s the man any woman wants to spend the rest of their life with (no exaggeration intended here). I’m just blessed, very blessed indeed to have found someone like my husband when I thought true love will never came to me.

My one true love

My one true love

(I’m listening to Lea Salonga’s Two words: I Do and can’t help but become emotional while writing this. Sniff sniff)

He’s understanding and never jealous (my exact opposite). He is kind and never overbearing. He tries to show how much he loves me in his own unique way. He isn’t someone easily persuaded, but takes time to listen and evaluate things if they are necessary. You just can’t tell him ‘to say this or do that’ when he don’t want to. His affection shows from within, meaning he’s a natural.

He takes care of me when I’m sick and assures that everything will be alright. He exudes an aura of positivity. (He has yet to hear from me about my swollen feet and my plan to see a doctor today).

He is trustworthy. He never gives me reason to be jealous except that I can’t help to be jealous sometimes. Who wouldn’t be when flirtatious girls are out there to make ‘pa-cute’ to married guys? Grrr.

He is forgiving despite my pettiness at times…And most importantly; he remains committed to me and our family from day one. If that is not enough to describe him I don’t know what is.

By the way, my man knows how to make his wife happy, literally and figuratively. 😀 He helps around the house by doing the laundry, ironing, washing the dishes and sometimes cleans the house. Now you know why I’m blessed to have him for a husband or else I wouldn’t be able to write this piece you are reading now.

Oh yes, he still works at night. He moonlights as strip dancer for my pleasure. Can you beat that? 😀

This is my entry for Girl’s Talk this week.

Connect with friends using Gloo

If there’s one hobby beside blogging that I’m eager to learn about is digital scrap booking. I envy friends who can turn a simple picture into a work of art, so to speak. Each design is creatively done to make it look like an actual scrapbook project. I’m seriously considering asking my friends in the blogosphere to teach me (please) how to do it. 🙂

Anyway, I found an interesting site called Gloo. It is an online scrapbook collaboration website, which allows users to doodle and write things on a canvas in real time. I immediately signed up to see what’s in store for me. In a matter of minutes, I created my own Gloo space. It is so easy and fun to use. See the colorful doodles I created around my sticky note? I feel like a child again 😀

If you notice the screen shot, I’m sharing with my hubby the sticky post I wrote on my space. Both of us can see the sticky note at the same time. Cool isn’t it?

My Gloo Space

My Gloo Space

You can post notes, images and videos in your own Gloo space. Gloo has so many uses. You can make your own scrapbook in here. If you have relatives abroad, this is the best way to interact with them. You can also create a message board for your blogger and non-blogger friends. And if you are into events planning, managing your own business online or simply create a board for school meetings, you can try out Gloo for just any online activity you can think of.

By the way, Gloo is not a social networking site like the other widely used social media. It comes with Globe Broadband Plans as an add-on web application. So if you are interested to Inquire about Gloo, you can check out