3 Main Differences in Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy

Finding yourself suffocated in a mountain of debt is never easy. Admitting that the problem lies in your poor spending habits can take years, and by then, you may only be faced with a few choices.

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One of those ways out may be filing bankruptcy. A chapter 7 lawyer orlando fl is one person who may be able to help you shed some of the weight that pulls you down. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings are the two most popular means for individuals and couples to get a resolution to the suffocating problem. Find out three of the key differences between the two, so you can decide if one will work better for you.

1. Chapter 7 Liquidates Some Assets 

When you think of bankruptcy, you probably envision someone telling you what you can and can’t keep. Chapter 7 filing, is as close to this vision as any other route. A trustee is appointed who will help you put your debts in order from secured to unsecured. The trustee will also review all of your assets and suggest the things that should be liquidated or given back to the lienholder in the case of secured debt. Some states allow you to keep your home and a vehicle under Chapter 7.

2. Chapter 13 Creates a Payment Plan

Chapter 13 may work for those who have enough income to pay off some of their debt in installments. Again the trustee puts obligations in order and then helps negotiate a reasonable sum for each. All of the debts are added and split into monthly payments which last from three to five years. Once the payment plan is fulfilled, the remaining debt is discharged from the credit.

3. Chapter 7 Stays on Your Credit Longer

Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be helpful to take care of sizeable debt; however, since you are not paying everything off, it can linger on your credit longer. A typical Chapter 7 remains ten years after discharge. Chapter 13 is usually gone after seven years.

Speaking with someone about your options is the best way to go when facing an uncertain future.

That Extra Something Special to Make your House a Home

There is a subtle difference between a house and a home. One is a place where you happen to live, and the other is your place. One of the things that sets homes apart from houses are the extra personal touches, the little details that give people a glimpse of who you are and what you love. Here are a few ideas of ways to add that personal touch.

Image by Laura Shaw from Pixabay


It may seem obvious, but perhaps the quickest way to make your house stand out is with a custom paint job. The color of your house can even affect your home’s value. Consider whether you want the same color on your siding and your trim, or whether a splash of color might bring pop and personality. Obviously this and all the other items on this list will have to be cleared with your HOA, but they’re well worth it. 

Architectural Details

Tiny touches in the detailing on your home can also add a personal touch. Corten steel gates, or antique hinges and knobs on the door, a specially detailed railing: these all may seem like small things but they can make a big impression. Pay attention to the architectural detailing on houses that you like, and take note of what style suits you. If the frills of Victoriana don’t appeal, the sleek touches on a Midcentury Modern home might. 

Unusual Plantings

Whether it’s an heirloom rose or a particularly spectacular blooming rhododendron, a special planting in your landscape design can really make your home stand out. It doesn’t have to be a particularly expensive or fancy plant. An explosion of sunflowers by your front porch is going to say something about you without breaking the bank. Whatever touch of personality you’re thinking of adding to your house, it should be one that speaks to you and makes you feel at home.

Great Places to go in Galveston Island

Plan your next vacation to Galveston – the largest and wealthiest town in the state in the 19th century – and one where the history and culture still thrive. Galveston is a comfortable and active tourist destination year round and offers a wide variety of things to do and see.

Getting There

The closest airport to Galveston is 30 minutes away in Hobby, and their shuttle from Hobby airport to Galveston, can efficiently get you there and back. Within the city public transit buses is available.There are many great hotels and lodgings convenient to Galveston attractions.

Relax and Play

Stewart Beach is a 10-mile stretch of turquoise lines by clean sand where you can enjoy some fun in the sun. Keep a bit of ocean atmosphere by visiting Moody Gardens, featuring three glass pyramids. The largest of the three houses an aquarium. The Galveston Waterfront offers dining and entertainment with a view of dolphins and passing ships.

History and Culture

A visit to the East End Historical District offers over 50 blocks in which to visit historical buildings with the charm of old stained glass, wrought iron and ornate carvings. The Texas Seaport Museum offers a view of the Elissa, a historic tall ship that still puts out to sea on a regular basis. Or stop by Seawolf Park and see a WWII Era US Navy submarine.

Taste the Local Fare

La King’s Confectionery is a free stop where you can watch a master candy maker at work and get a taste of genuine southern pecan pralines or salt-water taffy. Then, visit a local restaurant and enjoy a taste of classic seafood dishes. If steak is more to your liking, don’t miss Number 13, where the view and the steak compete for top billing.

With so many things to do, you can enjoy a day or a week and not run out of things to do. Experience the local history and flavors for a memorable vacation you will want to repeat.