Small Talk with Big Bosses

The journey to the “top” is not a straight path—and there’s no one way to get there. This is something most successful men and women today know all too well.

For most people, whether they’re just starting a career or they’re well on their way, being at the top of their game seems like a distant destination after a long and winding road. While on this journey, many will tend to wonder if they’re on the right track. Some lose sight of where they truly want to head altogether. In some cases, there will be those who will find a completely different meaning for “success.” Regardless, one thing is for sure, there’s not a single method to achieve success, whatever one’s definition of it may be.

Many men and women, both famous and not, are at the top of their game now and are proof of this. Their paths to getting where they are today serve as a testament as well as a learning opportunity for all those who want to follow in their footsteps. recognizes the importance of going through this journey and realize that telling these stories will fuel a whole new generation of leaders in their respective fields.

It was this exact mindset that brought about Lamudi’s On the House: small talk with big bosses. On the House is a series of sit-down interviews between Lamudi’s Chief Executive Officer, Bhavna Suresh, and some of the leading minds in the industry. But instead of their usual real estate talk, they converse about the guest’s personal journey to the top.

Interestingly, they always begin every interview by asking the question the guest has been asked one too many times and may potentially be tired of answering. Good sports, the guests offer the question and do answer elaborately. It’s a good way to set the tone of each conversation since it’s specific and almost personal to the guest. From there, they get the ball rolling and produce valuable insight from the real estate leaders about their views on technology, integrating work-life balance, and so much more. It’s a rather casual but informative interview.

While the series is produced in way that’s oriented towards viewers, each episode has a podcast version for those who are audible learners or are on-the-go. They’re available on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

Achieving success is different for everyone. While there may be guiding qualities one must possess, there’s no template for it, but it definitely helps to have someone to emulate or get advice from.

Factors That Affect Your Mortgage Terms

If you decide to buy a home, chances are you will apply for a mortgage. Understanding how mortgages work can help you determine how much spend on a home. Here are some of the most important factors that affect what sort of mortgage you can qualify for.

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Interest Rates

The current mortgage interest rates can affect the terms of a home loan. Your unique circumstances may determine what sort of rate you qualify for. The Best Mortgage Companyis one that will help you understand the relevant factors, such as your credit score, the location of the home, and the length of the mortgage. A good lender can also help you attain the best possible loan terms.

Eligibility for Special Loans

While conventional mortgages are fairly common, there are other loans that you may qualify for. For example, if you served in the military, you may have access to a VA loan. If you meet certain eligibility requirements, you could qualify for a USDA loan for a rural property.

Down Payment

The amount of your down payment can also affect the terms of the loan. If you have the cash to provide a large down payment, you may qualify for a more favorable mortgage with advantages such as a lower rate or a shorter loan term.

A lender like Sun West Mortgage can help you understand your mortgage options. Factors including your credit score and down payment can affect your eligibility.

The Benefits of a Cash Advance Loan

Most people have experienced a time when they needed money but were in between paychecks and low on savings. While some of these people may have the required credit for short-term loans at traditional banks, others will need another option. A cash advance loan can be a viable option for the responsible borrower.

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Bad Credit Welcome

For those living paycheck-to-paycheck, it is difficult to maintain an above average credit rating. Thankfully, you can find a cash advance lender Mississippi who does not require a credit check, only proof of income and a valid ID.

Quick Turnaround

A cash advance may also be referred to as a payday loan, and these types of loans typically have a quick turnaround, meaning that you can receive the money the same day as the application and that the loans are usually only for one to two weeks and no longer than a month, until you get your next paycheck.


Payday loans are undeniably convenient for individuals uncommonly strapped for cash. However, it is necessary to be a responsible borrower. The interest of payday loans is higher than an average loan, and that is due to the increased risk to the lender. When a loan is provided without a credit check and solely based on stated income, then the financer is taking all the risks when it comes to repayment. Unfortunately, if an individual continually borrows, this means that they will likely find themselves in a cycle of paying high interest every month and requiring the cash advance to survive.

A cash advance is an excellent tool for those who need money in between paychecks but don’t what the hassle of traditional loans or credit checks. However, while a convenient option, it is necessary to borrow responsibly to avoid a negative cycle of repayment and interest. If you would like to discuss the benefits of a cash advance as well as how to borrow responsibly, then contact a local lender or financial institution.