Beautify your kitchen on a budget

Kitchen is where we spend a great deal of time preparing the best meal we can serve our family, so it’s fitting to have an organized and spacious corner to inspire us to cook more. I would love to have a neat interior design but I don’t have the talent and resources to do it.

kitchen essentials

Victoria Pearson

If you’re working on a minimal budget, you can still make your kitchen in tip-top shape. You can start taking out some unnecessary fixtures and leave only the things that you need or use every day. Hang some or your favorite pictures or painting that you’ve been meaning to hang on your kitchen wall for a long time. If you don’t have a budget for repainting, you can get one of your old curtains. There are a lot of curtains to choose from if you intend to buy one, but choose the ones that will create a warm environment for your kitchen. Just remember not to go beyond your budget.

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Protecting your musical instruments

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Motivation and inspiration board

I always look up to this board in my daughter’s room every morning. Reading those little prints brings a smile on my face. The young lady is goal-oriented and devoted to what she is doing. Given the motivation and support that she needs, I believe that she’ll go places. Who knows her dream to live…

Homemade Pampering Tips #1

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Still kids after all

Candies and toys are supposed to be for younger kids, right? Like Kinder Joy, the egg-shaped container with a chocolate cream and crispy balls and toy treat inside? They’re definitely a child’s delight. But who would have thought my kids, who are both teeners, would still enjoy this candy craze. Just to give in to…