3 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you have been invited to attend a baby shower for a friend, you obviously want to bring the perfect gift. Cute baby clothes are a go-to since they are fun to shop for, but it is likely that the mom-to-be is going to be inundated with clothing, much of which the baby will never even get to wear. If you are stumped on what to give, here are some unique gift ideas that your friend will love.

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Children’s books make great baby shower gifts. Give books that you or your own children loved for a personal touch, and write a message inside on the title page. Reading to babies has numerous benefits, including building memory and vocabulary skills, so your gift will help the new baby to grow and to develop mentally.

Willow Tree New Life

Interesting Keepsakes

A lovely keepsake, such as Willow tree figurines, is a heartfelt gift that you friend is sure to love. Choose one with a baby theme, or one that represents her pregnancy. A small item like this is easy for your friend to place anywhere in her home, and will make her think of you whenever she sees it.

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A Pregnancy Journal

Your friend may have a baby book to fill as soon as the baby is born, but a journal that she can fill out while she is pregnant can also be fun and useful to reference down the road. Should she experience another pregnancy, she can look back through her notes to remind herself of how she felt and what she was doing at certain stages. 

Picking the perfect gift for a soon-to-be-mom can be tough, especially if this is her first child. However, there are many fun ways to surprise your friend if you want something unique that isn’t on the gift registry. 

A Maintenance Check-Up Prepares Your Commercial HVAC for Winter

The continental US is known for its brutal winters with temperatures frequently dropping into the negatives and blustery winds whipping snow around. Keep your business warm and toasty despite the weather ranging outside with annual heater checks. Have your heater ready by using these tips.

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Heating Maintenance

To ensure the heating units are properly working before the first snow falls, it is important to have someone out to maintain them. A tune-up on the system can improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your unit. Commercial heating in Minneapolis needs annual checks with air filter replacement on a monthly basis. Maintenance can also extend the life of the unit by preventing repairs and lessening overall wear and tear. A system that runs more efficiently and lasts longer costs you less money to stay comfortable and warm this winter.

System Tune-Up

A system tune-up involves adjusting and maintaining the unit both inside and out. The furnace is thoroughly inspected for any signs of wear and tear including cracks and potential future issues. The professional comes in and lubricates the motor parts when necessary to avoid future motor damage. The outdoor unit gets a full clean from the drain line to the fan blades and blower. Professionals know how to properly rid the unit of dust and dirt that accumulates over time without damaging the pieces of the unit. The system is fully tested to ensure it is properly running and blowing hot air.

Professional Service

The HVAC is a vital part of comfortably working in your commercial building. While it may seem like you or a staff member can handle the HVAC system yourselves to save a few dollars, the long-term cost may be higher. A professional company that works with commercial systems can ensure the unit works properly. They look for things you may not know to look for that can end up costing you more money or leaving you in the cold.

4 Easy Home Decorating Tips For Any Budget

Your house should be your happy place, but if you have moved into a new space, or simply feel uninspired and bored by your current decor, a change may be in order. Here are some things that you can do to spruce your home up that won’t break the bank.

Photo by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels

Add Some New Accessories

Simply adding a few new home accessories, like new lamps or even some area rugs Atlanta GA is all you need to create a new ambiance in your home. Choose fun colors to add some excitement, or more muted tones that complement existing decor. 

Paint an Accent Wall

Pick out your favorite paint color and create an accent wall in your home. Studies show that certain colors have different effects on your mood, so think about what mood you want to create in your space. Bright colors, like red and pink, raise a room’s energy level, while blue creates a more calming vibe.

Repurpose Old Furniture

If you have old furniture that is no longer useful, or simply doesn’t fit the flow of your home, repaint it and use it elsewhere in the home. The possibilities are endless, and you will be amazed at just how creative you can be. Use an old dresser as shelving, or turn an unused bookcase into a unique storage area for your bar items.  

Move Existing Furniture Around

It is shocking just how much something as simple as rearranging the furniture in your home can change it’s entire look and feel. If you don’t have the budget for new projects or accessories, “shopping” inside your home can really get creative juices flowing and add new focal points.

Making your house feel like a home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With just a little bit of open-mindedness, you can create a place you are proud of, no matter your budget.