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I’ve lost a kilogram in less than a month – from 74 kilogram to 73kg. How did it happen? I didn’t resort to extensive exercise or whatnot. I achieved this “effortless” weight loss when I had abdominal hysterectomy last December 13. (Full story will be on the health blog soon). The organs that were removed during the surgery and the soft diet that I had for a few days could be the reason for the weight loss. Losing more than a kilogram is not my priority at present but the complete healing from the surgery.

Perfect gift idea for the musically inclined

If musical instruments are on your Christmas shopping list for a family member or a friend, make sure you include private reserve guitars at musiciansfriend.com. Although the guitars found on the website are pricey they are nice Christmas gift to your church’s choir group.

You can also invest on a musical instrument if you are planning to learn to play one. Did you know that playing an instrument or two raises your IQ up to five points? Isn’t that interesting?