30 years in service

In a few months, hubby will be retiring from work after 30 years of service. However, he is only 49 and couldn’t afford to be out of job with our two kids still in school. He might still be hired as a consultant though. Still, he needs an extra job to support the family.  We don’t want to expect anything yet (financial benefit from retirement) at this point for we know how difficult it is for those who retired ahead of my husband. But who knows the company might be generous enough to award hubby another loyalty ring similar to a masonic ring here. We are keeping our fingers crossed and options open.

A special kind of gift

This holiday season try to make a different kind of gift to someone you don’t know. How about donating a portion of your hair to an organization that produces wig for cancer patients? This may sound new to you. But hair donation has been going on for years now. I’ve mention in my other blog…

Beautify your kitchen on a budget

Kitchen is where we spend a great deal of time preparing the best meal we can serve our family, so it’s fitting to have an organized and spacious corner to inspire us to cook more. I would love to have a neat interior design but I don’t have the talent and resources to do it….

Protecting your musical instruments

Taking care of your instrument all depends on what your musical instrument is. Is it a violin, a piano, a guitar or a drum, it is all up to its materials and style. You should know basic factors that can affect the performance and quality of it like storage area, temperature, proper handling and quality…

Motivation and inspiration board

I always look up to this board in my daughter’s room every morning. Reading those little prints brings a smile on my face. The young lady is goal-oriented and devoted to what she is doing. Given the motivation and support that she needs, I believe that she’ll go places. Who knows her dream to live…