How To Use Decorative Lighting in Your Yard

From neighborhood barbecues to quiet lounging, your yard can be used for a variety of events. Make sure yours is prepared for any occasion with the proper decorations. Easily set the right mood with landscape lighting Overland Park. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Outline Walkways and Fences

Use the natural lines in your yard to create a sleek and clean look with landscape lighting. If you have a fence around the perimeter of your yard, run string lights across it to add a simple touch of beauty.

Even without a fence, you can accomplish this same look. Use the edges of walkways, patios, or porches as your guide. This can also allow you to experiment with different types of lights. If you are not a fan of the look of string lights, try outlining your walkway with in-ground lamps or spotlights. This is an easy way to produce a gorgeous, minimalist aesthetic, while enhancing the features your yard already offers.

Accent Your Yard

If you are aiming for a vibrant and obvious look with your lighting, try using accent lights. These provide a higher concentration of light and often have a noticeable color or shape on their exteriors.

For a subtler accent, you can try an oblong light with a black exterior. This will blend in with your yard while providing a striking flood of light to make your yard pop. If the subtle look isn’t for you, try a different color. Popular colors for accent lights are gold, blue, and green.

Get Up High

Landscape lighting doesn’t have to be confined to small posts or simple mounted sconces. If you want to make your yard stand out, try out a larger fixture. Stand tall with a torch design or a sleek outdoor lamp. If standing lights aren’t your style, hang up a few lanterns for a beautiful rustic look.

Whatever your style is, there are hundreds of fixtures out there for you. Pick up some new lights and have fun designing!

How To Customize Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are trending. With almost infinite customizability, even if everyone on the block is jumping on the style, it shouldn’t take the eye of an interior designer to make your space stand out.

The Benefits of Provenza Flooring

Custom wood flooring is available in many grains and more hues than you can imagine. If you’re considering Provenza floors, remember that this wood flooring is finished with a UV cured oil, which means it does not need to be oiled after installation. In fact, it may not need to be oiled until after several years of use. Artisans handpick wood species and treat them to bring out unique, long-lasting colors. For those looking for beautiful home decor with ethical sustainability, Provenza offers a number of options from naturally sustainable wood products.

Select From Curated Collections

Looking for old-world charm? The hardwood floors of the Provenza Old World collection are hand distressed and scraped, and are aged with smoking and carbonizing techniques. The African Plains hardwood floor collection is an exotic sustainable wood product. For chiseled edges and multifaceted tones that bring out the wood’s natural beauty, try Provenza Planché. Other collections include the Heirloom Collection, Provenza Antico Collection and Provenza Classico Collection.

Choose From a Variety of Hues

Luminous Pearl, Tiger’s Eye, Silvered Mink, Dusty Trail…some colors can be pictured just from the name. Others need to be seen with your own eyes, such as Toscana, Mystic Pewter, Zanzibar and Glasgow. Whether light or dark, warm or cool, hardwood flooring offers enough variety and styles to suit any home. Match your new flooring to any wood already present in your space, whether furniture, cabinets or decor.

Hardwood floors look great and may last for years. Customizing your hardwood floor may bring a personal touch to the home, and choosing the color and grain from a long list of options can be fun. Custom wood flooring may not be just an interior decorating trend but a lifelong investment.

What You Can Expect From a Cleaning Company

A lot of people assume there is no reason to hire a cleaning company Olney MD. After all, cleaning on your own is more affordable. Of course, that doesn’t factor in the time it takes or the stress it sometimes creates. If you think there is no reason to hire a professional cleaning company, think again. They do a lot more than dusting and vacuuming!

Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning companies aren’t just for homeowners. They are also a great resource for business owners. Commercial cleaning services include office buildings, apartment complexes and much more. They are especially helpful for people who own small businesses that only need cleaning on occasion and not every day.

Laundry Services

Some cleaning companies offer specific laundry packages for residential and commercial customers alike. If you have a big family but hate doing laundry, or if you own a bed and breakfast or another type of business that uses linens every day, cleaning professionals will wash, dry, iron and fold these items for you at an affordable price.

Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning

Whether you are moving out of a property you rented or you own a property that someone is leaving, you’ll like need to do some cleaning. Most leases require the renter to leave the rental at least as clean as it was when they moved in. If you don’t want to lose your deposit money, or if you’re a landlord who doesn’t want to do the legwork of cleaning after an unruly tenant, a cleaning company will often provide these services. The cleaners will take care of every nook and cranny, including vacuuming, removing cobwebs, and washing walls and windows, to ensure it’s in tip-top shape for the next renter.

When hiring a cleaning company, ensure you find one that is licensed, insured, and bonded. This protects you and your property while you have someone else working in your home or office building.