Paper Dolls


She used to play with paper dolls and even made her own as a little girl. Now my daughter is making paper dolls not the ones that you can touch and play with but digital paper dolls. Her supervisor has assigned her to illustrate paper dolls with different outfits and actions. The dolls bear the faces of young actresses Ylona Garcia and Andrea Brillantes. #paperdolls

Enjoy watching! 🙂


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Indoor plants make a good gift

Browsing through previous blog posts I found this “lucky bamboo” pic. We bought the plant as gift to hubby.

If you are still thinking of what to give those in your Christmas list, indoor plants are a good gift idea this season. Indoor plants are not expensive and give positive energy to anyone exposed to them.

And if you happen to grow indoor plants, selling them can be a good source of earning extra this Christmas.

Green indoor plants give calming or soothing effect. They also improve the air we breathe at home and the workplace as they absorb harmful gases present in the air.