Late sleepers

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The kids are still used to sleeping late. They should have started changing their sleep pattern this week otherwise they will have difficulty waking up on time once school begins a week from now. They could listen to music on their cellphone all they want as long as their sleep will not get interrupted by the loud sound emanating from their wireless microphone headset.

They always reason out that they are big enough to know when to go to bed, but they need enough hours of sleep to get them alert in school. I just don’t know how to convince them to sleep early. Do you have any suggestions?

Best Gift(s) for Mom and Dad

Finding suitable gifts for Mother’s and Father’s Day can often be a bit of a struggle. It’s easy to buy your mum some flowers and your dad a bottle of drink, but these gifts aren’t always the most thoughtful of options. Of course, they may well be happily received by your parents, but putting a little bit of time and consideration into getting the best gift possible is often the way to really make your loved ones feel appreciated.

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A great idea for gifts on these special days is taking the time to customise Mother’s and Father’s Day cards. Personalising cards is becoming very popular, especially over the past few years because it is so easily done. No longer do you have to trawl shops searching for the best suited card because you can log onto the internet, search various personalised card websites, and simply use the pictures and text that you want to use. There are a huge range of options allowing you to find the right card for every personality, and whether you want to customise all the text and pictures, or simply put your mother or father’s name on it to add a personalised touch, such a card will be gratefully received.

Finding the perfect gift for parents is all about knowing their personalities and buying something that they’ll truly enjoy. Flowers, chocolates and alcohol hardly ever go amiss, but by buying something a little longer lasting you can give a gift of real use.

If you’re looking for Father’s Day gifts then what about indulging in some gadgets. If you want to buy something extravagant then a high quality camera, GPS or even a new smartphone could be an ideal present. Alternatively, cheaper but fun gadgets can be great such as solar powered watches and clocks or perhaps even a USB cup warmer. Health gifts are also great and though you don’t want to offend, if your dad is into exercise then gym membership or sports equipment is ideal. And if you really have no idea, a personalised card along with book tokens or movie tickets is a great option, especially as the latter you can use to enjoy a day out together.

If you’re shopping for Mother’s Day there are some great options to offer a little indulgence including spa trips or vouchers to beauty product retailers. If your mum is a passionate gardener then you could buy new equipment or a plant, and then even give her a hand in the garden to pop the new plant into place. In addition to offering personalised cards you can also customise gifts such as champagne bottles, cups or putting a favourite photo onto canvas, offering something thoughtful and loving.

Buying for Mother’s and Father’s Day can actually be a joy if you get into the spirit of it and look for gifts which will be ideal for you loved one. Personalising cards and presents can be great fun and will offer something that extra bit thoughtful on these special days every year.