Family Emergency Preparedness Food Checklist

Have you had this panic attack every time you read or heard about the earthquake which experts said could strike and isolate Metro Manila? I do. While the family discussed about this in passing, we don’t have a solid plan yet on what to prepare or do when earthquake happens. I told the kids that wherever they may be when earthquake hits the area they should try not to panic and protect themselves (and please try to reach home safe).

family emergency preparedness food checklist

Department of Health Photo: There is a high risk of malnutrition during emergencies like typhoons. What should be in your emergency food stock list to prevent this from happening to you and your family? (Please click on image to enlarge.)

Useful information about emergency preparedness suggests that a family secure a food checklist. The 72-hour emergency kit includes non-perishable goods, medicine, among others, but the food checklist includes a variety of non-perishable and nutritious goods enough to sustain a family for a few days.

Please check on the picture above to find out the necessary goods to stock at home in preparation for emergency situation.

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